QinetiQ's evaluation and advice helps MOD mitigate risk and evolve

Leo Quinn’s ‘People Who Know How’ at QinetiQ ‘know how’ to solve a multitude of challenging and vital problems in spheres such as engineering, science, security and aviation. One of the most valuable areas of know-how, however, must surely be the company’s role as trusted adviser to the UK Ministry of Defence.

QinetiQ, under the helm of the QinetiQ chairman, Leo Quinn, has secured the Long Term Partnering Agreement (LTPA) with the MOD, an agreement which sees QinetiQ manage 17 core MOD sites and provide essential test and evaluation and training support services.

Through the LTPA, QinetiQ workers also deliver an investment programme which ensures the continuing support of the Armed Forces’ front line capability, helping to mitigate risk and meet the evolving needs of the MOD.